Vall Companys

Integration and feed


Live production - “from the farm to the table”

But… what is the nature of production? What are the farms like?

The production system that we use is known as an “integrated production system”. More specifically, it is a vertical integration system where the company - Avigal - is the integrator, and the farmer, the integrated.

The integrator is the owner of the chickens, the feed supplied and the technical-veterinary services required to develop this activity.

On the other hand, the integrated supplies the facilities, the consumables (light, water, heating…) and the manpower needed.

So, Avigal sends the one-day-old chickens to the farms, the farmer puts them in its installations, under certain conditions validated by the veterinary service, and tends to them until they reach the required weight for being sacrificed.

In the course of this process, the farmer is assessed on an on-going basis by our veterinary team.

It should be noted that the chickens are from the hens at the Grupo Vall Companys; the feed is made at our facilities in Pontevedra; both the feed and “live” production are transported by the Group and the slaughterhouse where they are sacrificed is owned by Avigal.

Avigal Avigal - What does integrated production involve?

It allows us to keep a strict control of each and every one of the actors intervening in production, the chickens, the raw materials, feed, fattening…

Avigal's integrated farm park is, on average, 10 years old, about half of them being 5 years old. The rest have been adapted or are in the process of being modernized in order to meet the current production standards.

Today, we have one of the most up to date farm parks in Spain.

Avigal Avigal - What are the characteristics of the farms?

In our search for maximum technical and environmental efficiency, we have selected controlled environment premises with lengthwise ventilation.

This type of premises allows us to control the environment very effectively while significantly reducing energy costs, providing optimum animal well-being conditions.

What are the objectives of live Avigal?
    1. To assist in population cohesion in the rural areas.
    2. To maintain the health and well-being of fowl.
    3. To maintain high biosafety standards in the farms.
    4. To achieve maximum yield from fowl during growth.
  1. With our continuous growth, we contribute to young Galicians deciding to stay in rural areas where they were born and, in some cases, drawing in young people leaving the city in search of a life in contact with nature, looking for a “different” way of life.

  2. Disease prevention is vital and, to achieve this, the priority is for us to work on biosafety.
    Furthermore, we are working towards identifying and regulating all the factors affecting or that can affect animal well-being: density, quality of the bed, quality of the air, light…

  3. Our technical department, aware of the importance of biosafety, apart from monitoring and backing our farmers, provides training, explaining and sharing its know-how with all who collaborate with us.

  4. To achieve a good yield from the fowl, we require:
    A natural, balanced diet, based on various cereals: wheat, corn, barley, soya… Good handling in feed practices and in supplying water. Handling the environment in such a manner that the fowl are supplied with all the requirements in terms of ventilation, air quality, temperature, space… needed for their maximum comfort.

Feed plant

Avigal's feed plant produces feed for in-house consumption. It is backed by the team in Purchases, Nutrition, Quality and Transport provided by the Vall Companys.

Once the raw material enters the plant, a thorough control of documentation and incoming goods is conducted. We take samples of the raw material in order to analyse the parameters appearing in our Quality Control systems. To ensure that everything meets our quality standards, non-compliances are rejected.

The entire manufacturing process, from the start with the reception of the raw material to the end, when the feed is dispatched, is fully automatic. In this manner, we ensure total traceability of feed batches besides incorporating safety to the process and avoiding incompatibilities.

The food for our chickens is based on top quality cereals, grains and oils, avoiding the use of sub-products, thus guaranteeing perfect food for our fowl.

The production process involves several stages: dosage, grinding, blending, crushing (where we sanitize the flour by steam), cooling and granular filtration.

The Avigal Feed Plant is part of the Galician Association of Compound Food Manufacturers and, under this programme, takes part in the GMP GALICIA ALIMENTOS SEGUROS programme.

We carry out regular analyses of the cereals applying NIR (Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy), a non-destructive technique whereby we analyse different parameters such as protein, fibre, fat, ash, moisture, starch…

We have an Authorized Disinfection Centre for our transport enabling us to guarantee perfect disinfection when transporting each load to the farms.